Beaty cooking for hungry hikers at Trail Days in Damascus VA.

Beaty cooking for hungry hikers at Trail Days in Damascus VA.

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W. Beaty Jackson
As a teenager, I began my relationship with the outdoors on day hikes and overnights, but in 1972, my first real hiking experience occurred on the AT in the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina. I was hooked. Who could have predicted that a 10-day walk in the woods would lead to a lifelong career in the outdoor industry.

As a result of that experience on the trail, I possess a strong connection to the early years of the outdoor industry when the passion was great enough to drive us to build our hobby into a business. A business that became a lifestyle and allowed us to make a living.

For the next twenty years, I honed my skills in specialty outdoor shops utilizing all aspects of shop management including buying, merchandising and staff training. At the turn of the century, I began consulting on product development with a local gear builder. This led to my career in independent sales.

As I transitioned from buyer to sales representative, I relied on the lessons I observed from the best sales reps in the business to teach me the most effective qualities required of a successful sales agent. I learned to balance the needs of the shop to the needs of the brand, always remembering that I work for the dealer first.

We sell gear that creates an experience and it is that experience which makes us better humans and stays with us for the balance of our lives. The memories and stories that result from the tools that we sell become the thread of our very being.

The philosophy of The Taku Agency is simple:

At the Taku Agency:

  • We are industry advocates for specialty shops.

  • We focus on the brand’s story and making the product relevant in the marketplace.

  • Our efforts put a face on the brand as we are traveling 35+ weeks of the year to meet our dealers face-to-face.

  • If we are not selling the experience, we are just selling “stuff.”